About Mo Luong Cave

Our beautiful venue – Mo Luong Cave

Only 2km from Lac village, Mo Luong Cave is the most visited address by tourists when coming to Mai Chau because of its beauty and convenient distance. Belonging to the Pu Kha mountain range system, Mo Luong Cave creates a strange feeling for those who set foot in, because of its wild features in the midst of modern times.

Mo Luong Cave also has another name given by the White Thai people as Bo Luong. Bo Luong means big water mine. Traveling here, visitors will be told by locals about a unique thrilling story, revolving around the formation of the cave.

According to legend, every Lunar New Year, Thai people come together to catch fish in deep streams in the region. In one fishing trip, a woman in Bo village caught an egg three times. After each time, she threw it away, on the 4th time, she decided to bring the egg home to incubate, then the egg hatched into a snake. Since having the snake, people have seen the water level in the fields rise. Strangely, the villagers brought the snake into the forest, wherever the water rose there, creating conditions for the villagers to reclaim the land into fertile fields.

To show gratitude to the snake, the villagers brought the snake to Mo Luong cave and the snake turned into a dragon there. Every year on the full moon of the seventh lunar month, people see schools of fish swimming out of the cave for the villagers to catch. The villagers believe that the fish was brought back by the dragon to repay the villagers.

Mo Luong Cave has 4 main caves with a depth of about 500 m. The first cave has a length of 60m, a width of 16m, and a ceiling of 20m high. The cave is arranged like a large living room, on the ceiling arches on both sides of the wall, each cluster of stalactites looks like decorative ceiling lights, paintings, and colorful flower bosses.